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Vicki Confrey is a member of Young Living Essential Oils and has achieved the rank of Senior Star.

My family consists of:  My second and final husband, Jack, of twenty years and my rescued dog-child, Tucky.  I also have one adult daughter and two adult stepchildren who have given us three grandsons and one granddaughter on the way.
The 3 YL products I would never want to run out of are:  (Would you ask a mother with 50 children to pick her favorite three?  I didn’t think so…)  Valor, Peppermint, Lavender, Frankincense (although I did run out of Frankincense and am despondent), NingXia Red.
If success was guaranteed, three things I would do right now are:  
1.  Rescue all of the homeless animals and find them good, loving forever homes.
2.  Coach my husband on how to launch his YL business that focuses on the unique needs of men and work together to build that into a successful partnership.
3.  Travel to Provence during the lavender harvest.
Vicki Confrey, Sr. Star (San Marcos, CA)
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