SSLSueTeriLindaAprilKincaids2014Teri Roseman is a member of Young Living Essential Oils and has achieved the rank of Senior Star.


My family consists of:  Many factions, and faiths, residing around the country, as well as many friends from various sanghas (communities) that are my “family”. It takes a village.  I live in an urban suburban home in Los Angeles set in an edible/xeriscape oasis, with my dog Isabella (“Izzi”).
The 3 YL products I would never want to run out of are:  The Everyday Oils Kit, the Raindrop Technique Essential Oil Collection, the Start Living with Thieves kit and Ningxia Red! Oh, that’s four! If pressed to choose only three oils, they are Lavender, PanAway and Thieves.
If success was guaranteed, three things I would do right now are:  
Exactly what I am doing, which is experiencing, and sharing the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils, and a healthy lifestyle. And living each day authentically, with passion, and with an attitude of gratitude, and grace.



Teri Roseman, Senior Star (Los Angeles, CA)
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