Shara McCartney is a member of Young Living Essential Oils and has achieved the rank of Executive.RankExecPin

    NancyCasteelSharaConvention2015OolaMy family consists of:  My wonderfully supportive husband, Bryant, and our three beautiful daughters and now I have a growing Young Living family!
    The 3 YL products I would never want to run out of are:  Geez, that is hard!  I do love my NingXia Red!  As a mom of three littles, a healthy boost is greatly appreciated!  Thieves Household Cleaner because I can use this for my laundry, windows, dishes, bathroom, etc.   Last but not least, Lavender; if I can only have one oil but if I can choose the Everyday Oils Collection then that would be my choice.
    If success was guaranteed, three things I would do right now are:  
    1.   I would bring my husband home and we would share Young Living as a family.
    2.  Make all those plans to travel and build an international team.
    3.  Dream bigger dreams!



    Shara McCartney, Executive (Pipe Creek, TX)

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