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2015 Annual Convention Dallas      (Nancy & Shara living Oola)


2015 Regional San Antonio (Team Lunch)

Nancy Casteel is a member of Young Living Essential Oils and has achieved the rank of Silver.


My family consists of:  Two grown children, 3 grand daughters, our rescue dog, 2 cats, Jack my 29 year old horse and a pond full of koi.
The 3 YL products I would never want to run out of are:  If I had to pick 3… 3 oils, Frankincense, Lavender and Thieves. Other products… Thieves toothpaste, MultiGreens, and Sulfurzyme.   I’m grateful I don’t have to only have 3! For my pets the 3 would be Purification, Thieves Household Cleaner and Cedarwood.
If success was guaranteed, three things I would do right now are:  
1.  Travel and build relationships with people and let them know there is an alternative to the chemicals they have learned to rely on.
2.    Get every family member and friend to use Young Living products to live healthier lives.
3.  Become more self sufficient; bee keeping, add solar power, chickens, bigger garden and orchard, etc.


Nancy Wildman, Silver (Pipe Creek, TX)

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