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Gold-Leadership-Mark-TravisMark Travis is a member of Young Living Essential Oils and has achieved the rank of Platinum. Mark is also Level Four Certified from the Gage Academy of Network Marketing Leadership!



Thanksgiving 2014:

Feeling incredibly thankful, as we woke up this morning knowing we’ve achieved a new milestone in our business. As we approached this rank advancement I found myself getting lost in some deep reflection…

I remember telling April I wanted nothing to do with network marketing. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked with people about the business and felt embarrassed because I was talking about MLM. I was more comfortable living as Randy Gage would say “Living a life of quiet desperation.” You see, I haven’t been just trading my hours for dollars… I was trading my life. Most of my aircraft career I’ve worked 60-90 hrs a week. When it came time for being at home with my wife and family, the hour bucket was empty…it did not exist.

Last year Boeing stopped paying it’s managers overtime, and replaced it with a bonus. A bonus that if I’m lucky will equate to about 10% of the overtime dollars I would’ve earned. Basically, they cut my pay in half. This is the corporate world…home to share holder value. The world where I was proud of my job.

Today on Thanksgiving morning I’ve realized our home based business pays us more than my corporate job, plus it’s stupid bonus. Now I find myself embarrassed to say I’m dumb enough to have believed in this corporate BS…I had been putting all of my energy into a corporate pyramid scheme.

Today I’m thankful and proud as can be to say I’m smart enough to be an entrepreneur via network marketing.

Today I’m thankful my beautiful wife had a vision that I could not diminish.

Today I’m thankful for the support of so many people who have helped me on this journey (as mentioned by April in the previous post).

Dammit, I’m just freakin’ really thankful today!!!

...Young Living, that is..!
…Young Living, that is..!
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Mark Travis, Platinum (San Antonio, TX)
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