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My family consists of:  My husband of 25 years Vick Zerr, My son Joshua Zerr, my grandsons Rhylee(4) and Masyn(3), My daughter Kelsey Zerr and my new Granddaughter Kynzleigh (newborn-July 14th) a Persian cat named Icy, An Akita named Fancy, an old dashund named Woody, An adopted dog named Baby, and two little Chihuahuas twins named CoCo and Chanel.

The 3 YL products I would never want to run out of are:  Valor Oil-It is my favorite and I stock pile it, Thyromin- for endocrine support, Thieves Oil- I diffuse it, put it on topically, and take it internally.

If success was guaranteed, three things I would do right now are:  Help those who are less fortunate, travel with my family, help my team to reach their goals.





Cindy Zerr, Executive (Abilene, TX)

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