Coffee Update: So later that evening (8/12), I wasn’t able to sleep well. Seeing I had (3) Nitros that day, and the last one around 4pm, I’m thinking that was too much, but hey; I didn’t have any afternoon coffee again! LOL I wasn’t jittery, (like with caffeine) just wide awake, which is good to know, if I ever need to pull an all-nighter!…and there I was, out of stock, so yesterday I drank coffee am & afternoon, as I had a very long day of work. FYI: I am one of these people (no matter what I do) who requires 9 hrs. of sleep to feel my best. Since I only get 8 during the week, I need some kind of help. Fortunately, Young Living provides the help I know many of you need also.

Fortunately, when I got home yesterday, my (4) boxes of Nitro had arrived and I am back on track today! I had my first Nitro upon waking up, then a cup of Slique Tea sweetened by Slique Essence; YUM~ <3 I always enjoy my Slique Tea first thing every morning so this part is not new! I decided to allow myself morning coffee when I get to the office for a while, to give my system a chance to adjust gracefully to the new changes. I also have 2 ozs. NingXia Red in the am at the office.

So, after my lunchtime nap, instead of making some afternoon coffee, I had a second Nitro, 2 more ozs. of NXR and brewed some Slique Tea for the rest of the afternoon. It goes great with a Wolfberry Crisp bar! I must say, my energy level is doing great so far and sorry coffee, but I'm not missin' you 😉

One problem…I must bring a ceramic tea cup to work. The Slique Essence ate a hole in my plastic cup and Slique tea leaked out all over the counter. What a great opportunity to clean! Yeah, I forgot about the citrus oils in it. That's what they do in our bodies too; digest petrochemicals and help rid us of toxins.

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